Working Together

When it comes to healing the damage caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD), understand that the weight gain, digestive issues, fatigue, and overall loss of vitality didn't happen overnight - and neither will the healing. Be prepared to give yourself grace and patience as we address your specific health opportunities! I will build a plan unique to you, not a quick fix or crash diet, but a plan you can apply to your lifestyle that will bring healing and give you the tools to THRIVE for the long run. 

I can also work with you via phone/email/Skype if you are outside of the Seattle area. Please contact me to discuss plan options and how we could work together! 

***All Intake Forms must be filled out and scanned or sent back no later than 72 hours before first appointment***


Complimentary Discovery Session

Are we a good fit? This is an opportunity for us to meet, either by phone or in person, and go over questions/concerns you have regarding your health and for me to explain ways we might approach reaching your goals. 



Tangibly Heal, Reclaiming Innate Vitality Effectively. This is a 90-day plan that entails:

1st appointment:

  • 90-minute, in-person consultation: tell me about you, your concerns, and goals
  • Functional Evaluation with Lingual-Neuro testing: a hands-on test which provides me a baseline from which to provide nutritional and supplemental* recommendations
  • Establish a protocol based on your intake forms and information gathered that suits your bio-individuality

*I recommend supplements based on clear deficiencies and for therapeutic purposes only; in the long run, we will strive for minimizing or fully eliminating need for supplementation.

2nd appointment:

  • 60 minutes
  • 2 weeks after 1st appointment
  • Check in on how you’re doing with initial protocol and make changes/adjustments as needed

3rd appointment:

  • 60 minutes
  • 2-3 weeks after 2nd appointment
  • Reassess Functional Evaluation points of concern
  • You’ll complete a 2nd Food Journal and Nurti-Q Questionnaire (the 1st are part of the initial intake forms) prior to the appointment which we’ll go over together to see what’s changed from the 1st.
  • It’s always exciting to see on paper what you’ll already be feeling – PROGRESS!

4th appointment:

  • 60 minutes
  • 4 weeks from 3rd appointment
  • Check in on any changes/adjustments made from previous appointment and overall plan
  • Develop a long-term strategy for continuing self-care
  • Follow-up call and retesting after 6 months

Each appointment will have a recap email within 48 hours of the appointment plus one support, 15-minute phone call.


Let's Assess - Solely Made

Maybe you’re feeling okay, but know you could feel and function better, you just haven’t been able to put your finger on what’s off. This evaluation is a great starting point.

  • 90-minute Wellness Assessment
  • Functional Evaluation with Lingual-Neuro testing
  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations
  • Goal setting
  • Questions answered
  • A recap email sent within 48 hours of appointment plus one support, 15-minute phone call

This 90-minute session can be transformative and provide enough tools to move forward. Or, it may uncover need for on-going support and can be woven into a longer care plan.



We’ve worked together before: you launched off last time, ready to tackle every health opportunity discussed…but life happens. There’s a new health concern (food sensitivity, new digestive reactions, a diagnosis), you’ve just gone through a major event (pregnancy, trauma, surgery, etc.), or something else, and you’re in need of renewed support and direction. I’m here for you.

1st appointment:

  • 90-minute Wellness Assessment
  • Catch me up on how you’re doing, what’s happened since we last spoke
  • Functional Evaluation with Lingual-Neuro testing
  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to get you initially back on track
  • Questions answered
  • A recap email sent within 48 hours of appointment

2nd appointment:

  • 60 minutes
  • 2 weeks after 1st appointment
  • Check in on how you’re doing with new protocol
  • Retest points of concern from Functional Evaluation
  • Goal setting

3rd appointment:

  • 60 minutes
  • 2-3 weeks from 2nd appointment
  • Check in and adjust protocol, goal setting as needed
  • Discuss short and long term support (depending on what’s brought you back)



If you've already completed one of the above wellness plans, this option is for ongoing support. Depending on what we've covered to this point, Individual Sessions may include additional Functional Evaluations, new 3-Day Food Journals, simple progress check-ins, and more. This appointment is about you and gaining more tools and education to feel your absolute best. 

$75/60 minute session

$110/90 minute session


Included with any of the other wellness plans or can be purchased as individual service (does not require filling out Intake Forms).

  • 30-minute initial phone call for me to get to know you and your health opportunities
  • Edit your pantry and refrigerator while discussing label-reading and meal planning
  • Grocery shop together within your budget
  • Meal prep so you’re set for the week!

$150/individual service

Free/wellness plan